Simple, intuitive and efficient parallel programming with Java

Wed, 27 Oct 2010 19:30 - 21:30 JST

Cerego Japan



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It has been a couple of months again since our last developer meetup but we'd
like to get together to listen to a talk on parallel programming by Patrick
Viry, who will be in Tokyo next week.

Patrick will present Ateji PX, a Java language
extension with a set parallel programming primitives based on pi-calculus.

Unlike libraries or API-based approaches, he has retrofitted parallelism
constructs at the language level. This is a radically different approach that
makes parallel programs simple and intuitive, efficient, compatible with
existing tools and practices, and provably correct.

Ateji PX has proven to be extremely easy to learn and use even by mainstream
Java programmers without special training in parallel programming. It also
provides a way to overcome many of the problems inherent to the use of threads
for high level developers and HPC experts.

Patrick is going to provide a survey of the new parallel programming constructs
based on simple examples. You'll get a general grasp of the language features
and capabilities, and a good understanding of how Ateji PX compares to other
technologies such as Java threads, ParallelArray, OpenMP, Cilk and MPI.

He is also going to cover the parallel programming styles, including data-,
task-, recursive- and speculative parallelism, as well as data-flow, stream
programming, the Actor model and MapReduce.

The presentation itself is about 45 minutes, after which we'll have about 15 to
30 minutes for Q&A and interactive demos.

About Ateji PX :

Ateji PX is now available for multicore PCs and servers, and soon for grid,
cloud and GPU accelerators. It is being adopted to boost computational intensive
Java applications such as risk calculations in finance, protein folding in
bioinformatics, period analysis of satellite signals. Users report significant
improvements in terms of development time, training time, code quality, ease of
maintenance, and overall project development costs.

Ateji PX has been selected for presentation in the Disruptive Technologies
exhibit at the SuperComputing 2010 conference in New Orleans.

Further reading:

- The Ateji PX whitepaper
- 12.5x speedup on a 16-core server with a single '||' keyword
- Online demo

About Patrick:

After a PhD in computer science at INRIA, Patrick Viry pursued an academic
carrier as a researcher at Kyoto University. He moved towards industry, first by
managing R&D projects for the japanese department of technology (the former
MITI), then as a software architect at a major french software vendor.

He is an expert in both language engineering and computation models for parallel
programming. He founded Ateji in 2005 with the goal to make innovative language
technologies available to the community.


"The dress of thought"

Place and time:
You can find the Cerego Japan office at the South side of Shibuya station. Map:

Doors open at 19:30, the presentation starts at 20:00. We'll go for a drink at a
nearby izakaya after the talk.

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